Возобновлено строительство Belo Monte Dam

К сожалению, к теме приходится вернуться. Строительство плотины Belo Monte Dam снова началось, несмотря на бурное сопротивление местных жителей. Пока непонятно, каков план защитников природы на месте, всё, что известно, так это то, что организован мировой сбор подписей

Dear friends,
I’ve just returned from a wildly intense journey to the Xingu River in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon where construction of the catastrophic Belo Monte Dam has begun. There, I joined an occupation of the cofferdam led by fishermen, indigenous warriors and their families, including women, children and elders. What began as a protest by 13 fishermen turned into a 200-person occupation that lasted 35 days to demand JUSTICE NOW for their rights and rainforest homeland.
They need your voice! Help these courageous leaders demand that members of the Brazilian judiciary stop stalling on the many outstanding legal cases against the Belo Monte Dam. Sign the petition for JUSTICE NOW!
This year has been marked by glorious moments of victory and heartbreaking disappointments in the campaign to stop Belo Monte. During this recent occupation, our partners reached out in a truly brave attempt to foster real dialogue with the Brazilian government and to denounce grave violations of human and environmental rights due to the illegal construction of the dam.
We must stand up together with a unified voice to demand governments and companies respect indigenous rights, comply with the law, and be held accountable for their life-threatening and reckless actions.
Join me on this peaceful path of resistance calling for a free-flowing, life-giving Xingu River led by our brave partners in Brazil. Demand JUSTICE NOW!
For the Xingu,

Maira Irigaray
Brazil Campaigner



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